About Us

TIVA Estates is a quality homes developer in the area of Southwest Florida. Because of it´s European ownership and management we do provide to our clients the best quality homes with a special attention to details and standards close to the European once. On the other hand, we absolutely respect local traditions, proceedures and especially the client´s personality, preferences and lifestyle. You can be sure that your home will be modern, sophisticated and what´s most important – it will last a lifetime.We carefully choose our coworkers among the best local professionals to ensure the best quality of construction and finishings. All our houses have the highest possible hurricane protection. We have our own colleagues in Florida, but are also used to working long-distance, so no matter where you are, we can take care of your dream house and keep you posted on a regular basis.

TIVA Estates (TIVA Invest Real) is is a member of an international investment company TNI Group (based in the Czech Republic, Europe), which focuses on investment, development and facility and property management. TNI Group and its companies are active on the Czech market for over 20 years and since 2012 in the USA. The main activities of TNI Group are in real estates. We are building residential, office and commercial buildings, and provide full property and facility management afterwards. In the services portfolio we have also a travel agency, sale of luxury office furniture and business consultancy. TNI Group is active in the Czech Republic and in the USA, where it develops mainly residential projects in Florida. For more information about TNI Group visit www.tnigroup.cz.